Weeping Emu Bush (Berrigan)

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Weeping Emu Bush (E.longifolia) also known as Berrigan

Berrigan is one of the most important plant species to Aboriginal people, especially to those living in Central Australia. It was used in initiation ceremonies, to line graves, for tanning water bags and was placed in the headbands of warriors. It also had medicinal uses such as to treat colds and headaches, and was used to cleanse and strengthen new-born babies.

This plant is often considered to be one of the most sacred and mystical plants. It was/is the plant used for traditionally smoking ceremonies and recent studies have isolated the component when smoked/burnt which shows medicinal benefits. Traditional therapeutic uses include treatments for colds, headaches, sores, skin ailments, eye conditions, boils and muscle ache. Its also been said to relive itchy skin, skin lesions and scabies. Decoctions of the leaves have been known to be applied as an eye wash and antiseptic for ophthalmic problems. Essential oils produced by hydro-distillation of leaves show good inhibitory activity against human dermal pathogens (Trichophytons) along with anti-fungal activity (from the borneol content of the oils), indicating that it may be useful for treating ringworm, tinea, and other fungal skin infections. It has also been reported that its oils were also effective against Candida albicans, possibly indicating that this species may be a good general fungicide. 

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