Bush Food Ingredients List

Our ingredients are sourced from indigenous growers and wild harvesters as well as non-indigenous growers and wild harvesters from all around Australia.  Our aim is to work together harmoniously to achieve a common good. Our prices are set upon the receipt of each shipment.  We aim to fill orders in a timely manner subject to availability.

  • ANISEED MYRTLE - Flakes or powder - Aniseed Myrtle has strong aniseed scented leaves for flavouring desserts, sweet sauces & preserves. Great with fish or pork, steamed rice, seafood, chocolate, biscuits, icecream or tea.
  • BURDEKIN PLUM taste ranges from mild, sweet-tart to tart.
  • BUSH TOMATO - crushed and whole - Bush Tomato is a strong sun dried tomato with a caramel/ tamarillo flavour and aroma. 
  • CINNAMON MYRTLE - Flakes or powder - has a spicy cinnamon-like aroma & flavour.
  • DAVIDSONS PLUM - Frozen whole fruit or powder - Davidsons Plum (sour plum) makes an excellent jam. The powder adds a tang to icecream, sorbet, biscuits, muffins and cakes
  • DESERT LIME - Powder or Chips - Desert Lime is small with an intense, piquant flavour. Its use is as diverse as in dukkahs, dressings, desserts and on seafood
  • DESERT OAK -  raw or roasted and ground - a coffee-like aroma and peanut butterish like taste
  • EMU BUSH Native Honeysuckle
  • FINGER LIME - Powder - an exquisite rainforest fruit. Its salty bitterness marries well with seafood.
  • GERALDTON WAX - Flakes - adds a citrusy flavour (think Kaffir Lime) to your beverages and meals. 
  • GOLDEN GUMBI a bitter tasting thin leaf
  • GREEN TREE ANTS: Freeze dried (frozen - special order only)
  • GUMBI GUMBI - Whole leaf - a bitter tasting thin leaf generally drunk as a tea. 
  • Illawarra Plum  is hugely beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract and makes excellent jams and sauces
  • Jilungin Leaf
  • KAKADU PLUM - Powder - Kakadu Plum is used in gourmet jams, sauces, juices, ice-cream, cosmetics, flavours and pharmaceuticals. Traditionally used as an antiseptic and a soothing balm for aching limbs. Claims to have the highest Vitamin C content in the World.
  • KURRAJONG roasted seeds can be eaten, ground as a coffee substitute
  • LEMON ASPEN - Powder - Lemon Aspen adds a uniquely Australian lemon flavour 'boost' in your cooking, such as in dips like hummus and baba ghanoush or in baking such as cheesecakes or citrus tarts.
  • LEMON MYRTLE - Flakes or powder - Lemon Myrtle has a fresh fragrance of creamy lemon and lime which complements so many culinary delights, from fish and chicken to ice cream or sorbet
  • LEMON SCENTED GUM - long and slender leaves have an amazing, strong lemon fragrance when crushed.
  • LEMON SCENTED TEA TREE Eucalyptus and lemon aroma
  • MACADAMIA NUT - dry roasted and raw - creamy, slightly sweet and finishes with a slightly salty taste
  • MANUKA LEAF unique, slightly bitter taste
  • NATIVE BASIL - Powder or flakes - Native Basil is a fragrant mix of basil, mint and sage flavours. Use in any dish where sweet basil would be used, especially any Mediterranean tomato based dish
  • NATIVE BLOOD LIME - Powder or Chips - Native Blood Lime is a cross between an acid mandarin and a red finger lime. Used in chutneys, jams, marmalades, savoury sauces, citrus based desserts, cocktails , seasonings, dukkah mixes and adds zing to seafood
  • NATIVE CURRANT Flavour is best when mixed with sugar to remove the acidity.
  • NATIVE LEMON GRASS - dried strands - Native Lemon Grass is said to have a calming and soothing effect on digestion and stress. Also used to treat muscle cramps, scabies, skin sores, headaches, fever & respiratory tract infections.
  • NATIVE JUNIPER a unique mild juniper like flavour
  • NATIVE THYME - Flakes - Native Thyme - incredibly intense spicy mint flavour
  • PAPERBARK -  Paperbark - has been used to cook foods, for shelter and for artwork over many many years.
  • PEPPERBERRY - Whole or ground - Pepperberry (Mountain) bleed a soft pink colour into marinades or pickle solutions, pale sauces and yoghurt. Used to flavour sauces, chutneys, meats, cheeses, pate, breads,dampers, pastas 
  • PEPPERLEAF - Powder - Pepperleaf (Mountain) used to flavour sauces, chutneys, meats,cheeses, pate, breads, dampers, pastas etc.
  • PEPPERMINT GUM - Flakes or powder - its minty overtones are excellent in tea, desserts, cakes & savoury dishes. As well as into sauces, pie crusts & stuffings for meat dishes.
  • QUANDONG - dried halves or powder - somewhat tart, the flesh is  highly nutritious and contains twice the vitamin C of an orange.
  • QUANDONG SEED - remove the outer shell to uncover a dark brown rough coat which also needs to be removed so you can get at the oil rich kernel which you then roast  to create yummy quandong flour.
  • RIBERRY - whole dried - Slightly tart with a cinnamon spicy flavour
  • RIVER MINT - Flakes - River Mint is a subtle native herb which has the taste and aroma of spearmint. Use in dressings, mint jelly, tea. 
  • ROSELLA - Whole dried - Most commonly known for its use in champagne. Use it in sauces, jams, ice cream and pastries.
  • SALTBUSH - Flakes - A low sodium alternative and wonderful addition to bread, grills, pasta, salsa.
  • SALTBUSH SEED has a soft texture with a salty herb flavour
  • SANDALWOOD - Roasted whole - can be added to salads, enjoy chopped up with muesli yoghurt and fruit or as a topping for your desserts.
  • SEA PARSLEY - Flakes - adds a fresh ocean taste to soups, dressings, flavoured butter, with seafood, white sauces
  • STRAWBERRY GUM - Leaf, Flakes or Powder - used to enhance the flavour of cooked fruit dishes, desserts or spiced jams, icecreams and tea.
  • SUNRISE LIME - Powder - A soft citrus flavour  that teams well with stone fruit 
  • WATTLESEED - roasted ground or whole - Wattle seed when roasted and ground is versatile.  From baking to thickening of sauces & casseroles, to ice cream. Add a teaspoon to your bread or scone mix!
  • WEEPING EMU BUSH  Berrigan
  • WHITE KUNZEA White Kunzea is a  fragrant tiny leaf with hints of eucalypt and citrus, makes a great tea, and many uses as an infusion

Our list also includes in house seasoning blends which are also available by the kg:

  1. Desert Fire Seasoning  (Saltbush, Chilli, Sea Salt, Mountain Pepper, Lemon Aspen, Garlic and Ginger.)
  2. Desert Flakes Seasoning (Saltbush, Sea Salt, Bush Tomato or Native Thyme, Wattleseed, Lemon Myrtle, Mountain Pepper, and garlic.)
  3. Swagmans Salt (Sea Salt, Native Basil, Sea Parsley or White Kunzea, Native Thyme , Saltbush & Mountain Pepper)
  4. Wild Pepper and White Kunzea Sea Salt (Sea Salt, Mountain Pepper, White Kunzea & Aussie Pepper)
  5. Tropical Pepperberry Sea Salt (Sea salt, Mountain pepper, Aussie Pepper and Lemon Aspen)
  6. Pepperberry Sea salt (Sea salt, Aussie Pepper and Mountain pepper
  7. Munducklin Curry Powder: combines the ingredients of a good curry with Australian Native Foods.
  8. Bush Tomato Seasoning (Australian tomato, Sea salt, bush tomato, aniseed myrtle, mountain pepper, paprika, sugar and garlic)

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