Bush Tucker Recipes

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You've found the ingredients so now how can you use them?

We experiment every day. Some ingredients can be directly substituted for ones you already use.  Also because bush food grows in Australia they are not treated with sprays to prevent pest and disease introduction like those that are imported.

Mountain Pepper and Pepperberry can be used instead of Black Pepper.  Pepperberry not only adds depth to a casserole (we use a slow cooker), it imparts a beautiful rich burgundy colour to the dish.  It is also amazing in icecream!

Native Thyme, Native Basil, River Mint and Sea Parsley are obvious choices for local ingredients although the Sea Parsley adds another dimension because it occurs naturally along the southern coastline.

Bush Tomato is a new taste to most people. The trick with it is not too use too much. Add a teaspoonful to any tomato based sauce and you'll find it turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Saltbush is also new - but old really because we've seen it growing across vast expanses of the inland and outback. It's an excellent addition to a dukkah or salsa. We've even used it in bread or pizza dough.

Aniseed Myrtle is good to use either with or instead of Star Anise or Aniseed. We love it with Feta and you'll find a recipe for this in our Bush Tucker Recipes website.

Lemon Myrtle has to be almost everyone's favourite. Any dish requiring a lemon lift and then some. You'll be inventing ways to use it.

Cinnamon Myrtle is a good replacement for Cinnamon Quills or Ground Cinnamon. We love to add a teaspoon to sweet potato mash!

Wattleseed added to bread, muffins and cakes imparts a warm nutty taste.

Peppermint Gum Leaf makes a wonderful tea and can be used with River Mint to make jelly.

Strawberry Gum Leaf (also known as Olida) - with strawberries or in jams - gorgeous!

Our "in house" bush food blends are Swagman's Salt, Desert Flakes, Tropical Pepperberry Sea Salt, Pepperberry Sea Salt, Wild Pepper and White Kunzea Sea Salt, Sunrise Seasoning, Desert Red Dukkah  and Munducklin Curry Powder - a time saving, great tasting addition to your pantry.  

Quandong (wild peach) are harvested from the dry inland. The species we sell come from a tree which is parasitic in nature. They're harvested around October each year. The stone is separated from the flesh. We sell the dried flesh (quandong halves). They're easy to work with, simply rehydrate them by soaking them overnight.  We make jam, paste, marinate then in liqueur and of course quandong pie and cream - mmmmmmmm!

We also stock a range of prepared bush foods. Sauces, Relish, Mustard, Chutney, Jams, Marmalades, Syrups, Oils, Muffin Mixes and Dressings.