Native Jams, Syrups & Spreads

Scones, jam and cream will never be the same again.

  • Rosella Jam 250gm
    Vanbery Jam Co

    Rosella Jam 250gm

    Rosella Jam 250gm  Grown and made in Queensland's Scenic Rim. INgredients:  rosella, sugar, lemon juice
    $13.99 (Inc. GST)
    $13.99 (Ex. GST)
  • Bush Apple paste | Taste Australia Bush Food Shop
    Australian Native Food Co

    Bush Apple Paste

    Bush Apple Paste 160gm Experience the unparalleled flavour of Bush Apple Paste with a tantalizingly tangy lemon finish! Its subtlety adds something special to cheese platters scones, desserts, and more. Plus, it pairs perfectly with pork or white meat...
    $14.85 (Inc. GST)
    $13.50 (Ex. GST)
  • Organic Lemon Myrtle Mango Jam
    Australian Bush Spices

    Organic Lemon Myrtle Mango Jam

    Organic Lemon Myrtle Mango Jam 275gm jar INTRODUCTORY PRICING Ingredients: sugar, mango, water, lemon myrtle, pectin, citric acid
    MSRP: $15.99
    $12.50 (Inc. GST)
    $12.50 (Ex. GST)
  • Lemon Aspen Jelly
    Rainforest Foods

    Lemon Aspen Jelly

    Lemon Aspen Jelly 220gm An intriguing jelly reminiscent of lemon butter with hints of eucalyptus and honey Use it in cakes, tarts, salad dressings and seafood dishes.  Yummy on damper. Ingredients: Lemon Aspen, sugar, water citrus pectin  
    $13.06 (Inc. GST)
    $13.06 (Ex. GST)
  • Green Ant Marmalade | Taste Australia Bush Food Shop
    Australian Native Food Co

    Green Ant Marmalade

    160gm jar  Its the perfect combination that just works perfectly with everything. Using a old French style of cooking where we have infused the Green Ants in to create these amazing taste sensations.You will discover a not so traditional marmalade,...
    $13.50 (Inc. GST)
    $13.50 (Ex. GST)
  • Quandong Jam
    Footeside Farm

    Quandong Jam

    Quandong Jam 200gm jar Ingredients quandong, water sugar and pectin Listed weight is the shipping weight
    $11.04 (Inc. GST)
    $11.04 (Ex. GST)
  • Lemon Myrtle Honey
    Rainforest Foods

    Lemon Myrtle Honey

    This outstanding honey combines the magnificent tang of lemon myrtle with quality Eucalyptus honey. Delicious on bread, especially combined with our natural macadamia paste, this honey also brings a unique sweetness to herbal and black teas, biscuit...
    $12.66 (Inc. GST)
    $12.66 (Ex. GST)
  • roasted macadamia spread
    Rainforest Foods

    Roasted Macadamia Spread

    Roasted Macadamia Spread   170gm (shipping weight 505gm)   Freshly made from 100% roasted macadamias, our delicious, smooth macadamia butter is a healthy, natural alternative to butter and an essential cooking ingredient.
    $16.02 (Inc. GST)
    $16.02 (Ex. GST)
  • davidsons plum jam
    Rainforest Foods

    Davidsons Plum Jam 220gm

    Davidsons Plum Jam 220gm (505gm shipping weight) Sharp, tangy and tart, the deep crimson Davidson’s Plum produces a very sophisticated jam. Delicious on your favourite bread especially combined with natural macadamia spread, or as a gourmet...
    $12.72 (Inc. GST)
    $12.72 (Ex. GST)
  • Riberry Jam
    Rainforest Foods

    Riberry (Lillipilli) Jam

    This mouth-watering jam from the native lilli pilli bursts with the unique flavours of ginger, clove and cardamon. Enjoy with gourmet bread, as a delicious addition to yoghurt and ice cream, or to complement chicken and pork. Ingredients: riberry...
    $13.06 (Inc. GST)
    $13.06 (Ex. GST)
  • Illawarra plum Jam
    Rainforest Foods

    Illawarra Plum Jam

    The sweetest Illawarra plums are used to create this smooth, rich jam. Delicious on your favourite bread, and as a gourmet addition to yoghurt, ice cream, desserts and cakes. Ingredients: illawarra plum (45%), sugar, water, citrus pectin 220gm jar...
    $13.06 (Inc. GST)
    $13.06 (Ex. GST)
  • Finger Lime Marmalade
    Rainforest Foods

    Finger Lime Marmalade

    The choice of lime connoisseurs, these native finger limes have a mouth-watering tang that create the bitter flavour indicative of a true marmalade. Best appreciated on full-bodied breads, this distinctive marmalade is excellent as an aromatic...
    $12.47 (Inc. GST)
    $12.47 (Ex. GST)