Salt and Pepperberry

Australian Bush Spices

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Salt and Pepperberry 60gm jar

Natural Australian Salt Flakes kicked off with the delightful flavours of Australian Pepperberry. A tasty and easy to use blend to spice up your dishes using uniquely Australian bush flavours

Receipe One:

Ingredients –

Brisket 1.5 -3kg

Australian Bush Spices – Lemon Myrtle Olive Oil

Australian Bush Spices – Salt and Pepper Berry

Australian Bush Spices – Tomato Sauce with Pepper Berry



Trim Brisket and place in cooking tray, with foil underneath, ready to wrap once prepared.

Mix Lemon Myrtle Olive Oil and Salt & Pepper Berry in a bowl.

Inject mixture into the Brisket every 2-3 inches, along the grain.

Pour full bottle of Pepper Berry Tomato Sauce over Brisket.

Wrap Brisket on foil and seal, place in Baking Tray.


Cook at 130 Degrees Celsius and 2 hours per KG of Brisket.

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