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Bush Tomato

Bush Tomato plantThe bush tomato is a small desert plant approximately 30cm in height, with grey to bronze leaves and attractive mauve/blue flowers. It grows naturally through the central deserts of  the Northern Territory and  South Australia.

Part of the tomato family (which includes potatoes and capsicums), there are over 100 species of Solanums (Wild Tomatoes) in Australia. However, only six are known to be edible, and Kutjera – Desert Raisins – are the most well known and certainly the most consumed species of the “bush tomatoes”.

This arid lands fruit has been a staple food of the long time inhabitants of Central Australia for many thousands of years. A rich source of minerals, particularly potassium, they are also high in vitamin C.  The sun dried fruits are harvested in the autumn and winter and store well for several years.

aussie bush dukkah

Aussie Bush Dukkah

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$7.50 - $12.55 (Ex. GST)
bush tomato crushed

Bush Tomato

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$4.37 - $86.00 (Ex. GST)