More jams due today

Posted by Malynka on 4th Jul 2018

Rosella, Lillipilli, Davidsons Plum, Illawarra Plum, Finger Lime, Riberry

Fresh Desert Limes

Posted by Malynka on 31st Oct 2017

We stock frozen desert limes but if you'd like fresh ones then the season is upon us.  Email today.

Fresh Davidsons Plums

Posted by Malynka on 9th Oct 2017

For a limited time we have fresh Queensland Davidsons Plums available. 

Contacting us

Posted by Kitchen Goddess on 12th Mar 2017

We have recently been switched to NBN.  This means our phones are internet dependent as well.Should you be unable to get through please use our mobile 0428892217.