Witchetty Grubs

Witchetty Grubs

Posted by Malynka on 8th May 2023

Often requested is the elusive witchetty grub which, although they can be found in the Witchetty Bush, not every bush has them.

The witchetty grub (Witjuti) is the larvae of the large grey cossid moth ( Endoxyla leucomochla ). The larvae can grow to 6 cm or longer and is found mainly in the woody roots of the witchetty bush ( Acacia kempeana) between November and January. 

Rich in protein they taste like almonds. 

They also form part of the outback medicine cabinet as crushed witchetty grubs can be spread over injuries, burns and wounds to expedite healing. 

However don't confuse them with the white curl grubs infesting your garden. A widespread pest, curl grubs can cause havoc to a beautiful lawn in a very short space of time. They can feast on the roots of many different plants, but are a particular problem to grass. 

But Curl grubs are also a favourite food of birds who are always keen to dig them out of the lawn.