Old Man Saltbush (Atriplex nummularia) is a familiar sight over large areas of the dry inland of Australia. It is a sprawling grey-blue shrub, up to 3 metres high and sometimes spreading to 5 metres wide. A long living plant, it grows strongly after periods of summer rain, producing long tassels of flowering seed heads.

Long time inhabitants mostly collected the minute Saltbush seeds to grind and roast for damper but these days we utilise the large fresh or blanched Saltbush leaves as a wrap around meat or fish, in salads or as a leafy bed for grilled meat or vegetables. The fresh leaves are coveted by chefs such as Kylie Kwong in her Chinese inspired restaurant menu.

The leaves are also dried  for use in  bread, as well as low sodium seasoning on grills, pasta and dukkah.

  • Saltbush and Rosemary mealworms
    Circle Harvest

    Saltbush & Rosemary Mealworm Snack

    Roasted mealworms with saltbush and rosemary is one of our favourite flavour combinations and will remind you of your Mum's Sunday Roast. They work great as an afternoon snack and will give you a much needed pick me up with a fantastic protein and...
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    $13.18 (Ex. GST)
  • salt bush | Taste Australia Bush Food Shop Saltbush
    Taste Australia


     Old Man Saltbush is a familiar sight over vast areas in the dry inland of Australia. In some areas of outback NSW lamb are enclosed in paddocks of saltbush for their final three months resulting in a tender, tasty, fat reduced meat.The Saltbush...
    $3.55 - $188.34 (Inc. GST)
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  • Saltbush | Australian Native Food Supplies Saltbush | Australian Native Food Supplies
    Australian Native Food Supplies

    Saltbush 60gm

    Saltbush 60gm A naturally occurring low sodium seasoning  Listed weight is the shipping weight
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  • Saltbush seed
    Taste Australia

    Saltbush Seed

    Saltbush Seed  Traditionally used in baking, where they were ground and added to dampers, it has a soft texture with a salty herb flavour and contains 14% protein. Add to your bread mix or sprinkle on top before baking. Use instead of croutons...
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  • Desert Fire Seasoning Native Seasonings: Desert Fire
    Taste Australia

    Native Seasonings: Desert Fire

    Our blend of Desert Fire Seasoning contains Saltbush, Chilli, Sea Salt, Mountain Pepper, Lemon Aspen, Garlic and Ginger. Perfect for adding a bit of bite to any dish.  50gm pouch   NUTRITION INFORMATION Servings per...
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  • Native Nut Dukkah
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    Native Nut Dukkah

    Native Nut DUKKAH  70gm resealable pouch Ingredients:  Dry Roasted Macadamia, Roasted Almond, Roasted Sandalwood, Wattleseed, Desert Lime, Salt Bush, Sea Salt,  sesame seed, bush tomato,  garlic Traditionally dukkah is an...
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  • Swagmans Salt
    Taste Australia

    Native Seasonings: Swagmans Salt

    Swagmans Salt is our blend of  Southern Ocean Sea Salt, Native Basil, Sea Parsley or White Kunzea (seasonally dependent), Native Thyme, Saltbush & Mountain Pepper.Use in breads, salsas, salad, tomato based dishes.The listed weight is the...
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    $3.95 - $18.95 (Ex. GST)
  • Desert Flakes Seasoning Native Seasonings: Desert Flakes
    Taste Australia

    Native Seasonings: Desert Flakes

    Desert Flakes combines Saltbush, Sea Salt, Wattleseed, Lemon Myrtle, Mountain Pepper, Bush Tomato or Native Thyme or Native Basil, Aussie Pepper and garlic. To be used as seasoning, in sauces and casseroles or as a sprinkle over bread, meat, vegetables...
    $4.60 - $24.50 (Inc. GST)
    $4.60 - $24.50 (Ex. GST)