Native Lemon Grass

Posted by Malynka on 1st Jul 2019

In stock.  Adds a different dimension to teas


Posted by Malynka on 1st Jun 2019

Wattleseed has so many uses from savoury to sweet

Strawberry Gum

Posted by Malynka on 16th Jan 2017

Strawberry Gum is a very rare tree originally from a small region of New South Wales. The leaves have an essential oil called Methyl cinnamate, which acts as a flavour enhancer to sweet or savoury dis

Quandong & Wattleseed

Posted by Malynka on 19th Jul 2016

We have lots of dried quandong halves coming... expected about July 26Also have more wattleseed on the way

Give your BBQ a taste of Australia

Posted by Malynka on 29th Jun 2016

Bush Tomato & Chilli SauceA sweet chilli sauce using Bush Tomatoes and Australian Lemon Tea Tree – a heathland bush of Australia that has a rich lemon flavour, which added to the unique sweet and