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550.00 Grams

 Melaleuca leucadendra from a First Nations owned property in the Gulf of Carpentaria

Imparts a delicate smoky flavour.

Hand cut, flat sheet.  30cm wide x 35cm high and weigh 500gm (listed weight is the shipping weight)
Use as a display for fresh salads, roasts & fish dishes.  Use as a wrap (tie with cooking twine) when baking seafood, poultry & red meats.  Best used in a slow oven or over hot coals in the barbeque. 

Before wrapping, it is suggested that you dampen the bark with cool water to "steam" your contents & also to prevent your wrap burning and/or catching on fire!
Bark sheet comes individually wrapped in a food grade clear plastic bag.

Store in a cool dark dry place, or in your refrigerator or freezer.

 NB Quarantine regulations do not permit us to send these to Western Australia